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Automatic Transfer Switch - For Könner & Söhnen KS 5500iES ATSR

Automatic Transfer Switch - For Könner & Söhnen KS 5500iES ATSR

The KS ATS 4/25 Inverter ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) unit, crafted by the renowned German brand “Könner & Söhnen,” stands as a reliable solution for seamless power management. Engineered to automatically activate the generator and transfer the load during main power outages, this unit ensures uninterrupted power supply to critical systems. Similarly, it orchestrates the generator shutdown once the primary power source is reinstated.


Designed to seamlessly integrate with the "Könner & Söhnen" KS 5500iES ATSR inverter generator, featuring an integrated 7-pin ATS connector, this ATS unit embodies compatibility and efficiency. Equipped with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), it enables precise customization of engine start-up and warm-up times, alongside error signaling capabilities. Additionally, it incorporates a generator emergency stop button, enhancing operational safety and control.


Key features of the Programmable Logic Controller of the ATS unit include:

  • Universal compatibility, facilitating use in both single-phase and three-phase networks, ensuring versatility in application.
  • Automatic and manual operation modes, offering flexibility in generator control to suit varying operational requirements.
  • Integrated generator emergency stop button, providing a swift response mechanism in emergency situations.
  • Battery charging functionality, ensuring the continuous readiness of the generator for impending power outages.
  • 7-pin control cable connector, ensuring secure and efficient communication between the ATS unit and the compatible inverter generator.


With its advanced features and seamless compatibility, the KS ATS 4/25 Inverter ATS unit exemplifies reliability and efficiency in managing power transitions, making it an ideal choice for diverse power management needs.

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